Luca Mohacsi

Luca Mohácsi is a fine artist and a graphic designer. She graduated in 2018 with a degree in graphic design from MOME. Her masters are Tibor Nádor, Balázs Fischer and András Mohácsi. Her group exhibitions were in Budapest (Artus Studio, Skanzen Club) and Vértestolna.

Luca’s works of art are made with oil, acrylic, watercolor and charcoal. Its themes are inspired by the art colonies in Vértestolna and Pénzesgyőr, as well as the studio settings.

Her landscapes are characterized by strong abstraction, visionary locations, and expressive color experiences. The color value of her paintings is deliberately heightened, sometimes tending to neon colors. Her portraits and figural images are decorative, sounding in a precise, soft tone.

In addition to her painting and graphic activities, Luca is a founding member and the art director of the AZVLM art collective. In addition to organizing its own general art events, the collective works with other organizations (Kolorado Festival, Bánkitó Festival, Auróra, BAGázs Association) on various art projects. 


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