Lili Rebeka Toth

Lili Rebeka Toth is an art historian and a painter. She has been a member of Juranyi Art School since 2014 and a co-founder of the school’s art colony. She held group and solo shows in Tel Aviv, Budapest, Bankito Festival and Vertestolna.

Lili is working with painting (acrylic, oil and water color) and drawing. Her topics include plein air landscapes and atelier works.

In her landscapes Lili personifies nature. She plays with deep contrasts and transforms shapes into exaggerated colors. Through this method Lili introduces reality in an abstract way. Her figurative artworks are inspired by her abstract landscapes keeping its intense palette. Her portraits are often anonymous, grotesque or elevated from reality. In addition to painting, Lili’s artistic activity includes digital art making, illustrating and researching on late antique and 20th century art. 


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